Any Ideas to get novels written in French translated into English?

I would like to have my books published in English but, being a simple amateur, I obviously do not have the means to hire professional translation services.

And yet, I haven’t forgotten about the idea. There are several good reasons for it:

  • my novels (in French) sell well and receive very good critics (the books);
  • I live in the UK and I am often asked if they are available in English;
  • They would fit to the American market, increasing 6-times the potential to be read.

I thus want to ask the community on LinkedIn for ideas.

Would someone have the solution allowing me to translate my books without facing bankruptcy?

I have only one requirement: the translator must be an English native speaker, otherwise I would have done it myself a long time ago.

I am really looking forward to receiving ideas to move this project forward.

Thank you to everyone who will take time to reply with potential solutions.


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