The Devil’s Pit – Now Available

A historical thriller on the a background of inquisition, witchcraft and political conspiracy. A novel based in 1327 at the end of the Cathar insurrection and the beginning of the papacy in Avignon.
A book for lovers of historical fiction and adventure novels.

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About the Book

In 1327, rumors of witchcraft and paganism could cost the old pope his throne.

The Christian world is in the grip of doubt: kings are cursed, Knights Templar are hunted down, and Franciscans are being thrown into prison. Heresy and paganism devour the papacy of Avignon.

In Provence, a small village is the victim of the strange occurrences; children are going missing, disemboweled bodies are washing up in the shallow of the river and demonic rites are practiced in the mountains. The village has fallen into the hands of the Devil, while in the grip of a dangerous, cultish priest who claims that God is dead.

Margaux, a Moorish assassin, traumatized by a violent life and haunted by demons, seeks a deadly revenge for what men did to her. She is tasked by the Church to restore the Faith in the mountain, and make all signs of heresy disappear before it gets to the ears of the world.

She will lead Ageran, a former knight crusader, and Nortimer, a zealous priest, fascinated by witchcraft, paganism and occultism, down a very dangerous path, facing the darkest aspects of   mankind and unravelling a plot that could only have been inspired by the Devil Himself.

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