Unforgiven in Massilia

My next English novel will be published sometime in April 2021. Unforgiven in Massilia was originally published in French under the title Massilia. It is the third book I published although it will only be the second in English.

The story follows The Riddle of a Murdered Slaves, but one does not have to read the first to read the second.The scene is set between 70 AD Rome and Massilia; a Gallic port not far from the Rhone river estuary and one of the must important for trade in ancient history.

This time Lucius Apex has to protect the Emperor against waves of assassins sent from Batavia (what is today northern Germany) in a context of recovered peace in Italy and after too many uprising to control the empire.

I’ll take the opportunity of this book launch to update all my covers including of the French editions with photos of Laureen keravec, but that will be the subject of another announcement later in April.

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