Discovering Young Talents 1/2

For once, I will present the work of two young women that will certainly please all of those with an interest for history, the Middle Ages, historical re-enactments and Live action role-playing game. One is a photographer, the other is a seamstress.

Let’s start with Laureen; I will present Céline at length in an article to follow.

I was looking on internet for pictures to illustrate my books, in desperation for materials that would inspire potential readers. I needed vivid shots to catch the eye, but at the same time dark as my characters . The pictures I was looking for had to tell about my novels, including their contexts and intrigues. Most of all, they had not only to tease but also entice future readers into buying my books. However, finding such illustrations turned out to be extremely difficult, especially when looking for credible medieval or ancient Roman assassins and conspirators. All those who have tried will certainly agree with me; However, that was true until I discovered the work of Laureen Keravec.

Laureen is based in Concarneau (France), a small place in Britany, but that hasn’t prohibited her from making a name for herself. Hence, I was glad when she accepted to spend some of her precious time working on one of my front covers. Since then, she has done all of them, gave to my website its identity, and increased so much the visibility of my books on Amazon and other platforms. This is the reason why, today, I wanted to say thank you, while promoting her work to all those who love beauty, history, and eventually who need a very good photographer.

I strongly invite everyone to visite her pages, as she deserves to be known far beyond Britany or even France by anyone who can appreciate her talent.

The following pictures are just a feeble illustration of her work.




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