Discovering 1/2 young talent

Once is not custom, I will present the work of two young women that will certainly please all those with an attraction for history, the Middle Ages and historical reenactments. One is a photographer, the other is a seamstress.

Let's start with Laureen; I will present Céline at length in an article to follow.

I was looking for photographs to illustrate my first published novel. I wanted modern shots to catch the eye, and bLa_dame_dAlbi_Cover_weblack as the character of the book ("The Lady of Albi" tells the story of an assassination and political intrigue towards the end of the 15th century). So I was looking for images that could symbolize the state of France in ruins after the Hundred Years' War, and characteristic of a murderous plot. However, it is very difficult to find photographs of murderers or plotters in medieval clothing. For all those who have already undertaken such a search, it is clear that the web is full of images related to "Assassin Creed", but out of it is the desert. At least until I discover the work Laureen Keravec, which draws inspiration from our history to make wonderful shots.

Laureen is a young photographer based in Concarneau, who does a great job: the photographs in this article are just an illustration of it.I was lucky enough to be able to talk to her at length. Not only does she photograph traditional scenes on request (marriage, baptism, family events…), but she also has an artistic life related to the themes of my books. So I wanted to promote it to all lovers of beauty and history, as well as to all those who loved my books.