Finally Published !!!

Finally Published !!!

I took advantage of the Christmas holidays to finalize and publish my latest novel. “The Devil’s Chasm” (600 pages) is split into two volumes to make it easier to read: “Margaux” followed by the “Temple of Hades”.

The story takes place in 1327 in Vaucluse when Pope John XXII has been living in Avignon for ten years. the Church is close to schism, heresy is everywhere. The inquisition is in full swing, the kings of France are cursed and the excommunicated emperor Louis of Bavaria works against Charles de Valois and the papacy to retain his throne. The cathars saw their last priest burn in the square of Villerouge-Termenès. Attention is focused on the east, where Louis claims to be an overlord of the Catholic Church.

That was for the historical context. The rest is imagined: sounds of witchcraft and paganism in the Vaucluse massif could well cost the old pope the throne. There is no doubt that the Duke of Bavaria had something to do with it, but the Church cannot act openly. A converted Moorish was charged with investigating to restore orthodoxy to papal lands.

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Thank you and good read