Unforgiven in Massilia Available at Amazon

The second opus of the Lucius Apex series has finally been translated and published in English. It is available at Amazon in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

Unforgiven in Massilia is a detective story (398 pages) based on real events in the 1st century A.D., in ancient Rome. For fans of historical fiction and adventure novels.

In 70A.D. the Batavian insurrection is not over yet and the life of the Emperor is at threat.

Vespasian has pacified Rome. The streets of the capital are calm, and Titus’ victories in Judea have reassured every citizen about the strength of the Empire. The streets of Rome are as peaceful and serene as they were during the reign of the Augustus. The Pax Romana is back across the Empire.

Lucius Apex lives a different reality. In his world, peace and stability are at stake. Attempts against the life of the Emperor are numerous. Assassins rush to Rome like waves washing ashore that nothing can restrain. All the evidence points to a new Batavian insurrection. But are appearances always as they seem in Rome?

This is the second volume of the Lucius Apex Series, originally published in French under the title “Massilia” (2017). In this series, the author delves into the daily lives of Romans enthralled in mystery, murder and conspiracy throughout the Empire. It follows The Riddle of a Murdered Slave published in English in December 2020

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