Discovering Young Talents 2/2

Last month I began to present two talented young women whose work is directly related to my books. Their work, although part of our century, comes alive around historical themes. I wrote about Laureen Keravec in my previous article. Today I would like to introduce Céline, a seamstress, based in Brittany, in Bruz, south of Rennes.

Céline wearing one of her creations. costume of a medieval assassin.
Photography Laureen Keravec
18th century dress made after historical patterns.
Creation Célinecostumes.

I discovered her work while I was looking for pictures to illustrate my first novel (The Inconvenient Bride), whose story is that of an assassin in the Middle Ages. I came across a beautiful photograph of Céline in one of her costumes: the ideal shot. But also I discovered a young woman whose work as a costume designer is not limited to the creation of high quality garments, but also relies on solid historical research to develop her costumes.

I’m not the only one who appreciates her work. Among her clients is the Rennes Tourism Office, which commissioned a beautiful 19th century dress to illustrate the city’s historical heritage (see photo).

19th century dress commissioned by the Rennes Tourism Office.
Creation Célinecostumes.

I invite you all to take a tour of her website, or to visit her workshop. It offers bespoke costumes inspired by historical or fantasy, as well as any other type of clothing.

It is rare to find someone who has so much passion, talent and entrepreneurship regardless of age. It is even rarer to find someone who brings it all together and has such a rich artistic life. So I wanted to promote her work to all fans of history re-enactments, as well as to all those who read my books.

How do I contact Celinecostumes? Follow the link.


Reception times:
Monday to Friday:
10h to 12 p.m.
2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

5 avenue Jules Tricault
35170 Bruz
+33 2 22 93 50 21


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