About the Author

Thierry Bontoux

Reading a book also means meeting its author. So, let’s start with the basics: the themes that inspire me and how I approach them.

I write about my favourite subject; History. The history of Rome, one that dwells on the lives of the common people that is often overlooked yet full of beauty, innovation even danger. I make their lives the focus of my novel.  

I want my characters to be as complex as nature. By this I mean; there is no one in life who is totally good and courageous, or on the contrary vile and cowardly. We all move in the middle between black and white to form many shades of grey. Hence why would a book be any different? I try to give this complexity to each of my characters. The individual personality’s and thought processes of each protagonist dictating the twist and turns of the story.

My ambition is to immerse my readers in a world that is as credible as possible. I therefore want the context and the environment to be historically, as close to reality as possible. I don’t claim to make a history treatise of each of my books, because I admit to having taken one or two liberties to facilitate the work of narration, but the historical framework is ingrained in the daily lives of my characters.

I hope you will enjoy my books. Please be indulgent, as they are primarily there to entertain you and take you away from your everyday life.