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  • Literary Projects This year has been rather unexpected for all of us, and like many of us, I was struck by the consequences of COVID-19.
  • Lucius is back! I didn’t expect it when I published my latest novel, but I got yelled at by many of you for not writing
  • And five! Happy New Year 2020 and wishing you liked my latest novel as much as the other three. I often say: writing is a
  • Finally Published !!! I took advantage of the Christmas holidays to finalize and publish my latest novel. “The Devil’s Chasm” (600 pages) is split into
  • While waiting for the release of my next book, these are the big marketing maneuvers. Creating e-book and paper covers, updating the website, creating promotional
  • Christmas is coming and everyone is making their letter to Santa Claus. I do not deviate from it, except that this one is intended for