The Inconvenient Bride

A thriller and an intrigue in the Middle Ages, at the end of the Hundred Years’ War, in a context of political rivalries between the King of France and his son, the Dauphin Louis.

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About the Book

In 1457, a wedding could alienate the heir to the French throne. A murder could save him.

On a mission to protect the birthright of the Prince in exile, the future king Louis the XIth, Etienne and his men are tasked with stopping a wedding that will reduce their master’s power indefinitely … and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

Under cover and by force, with trickery and deception, they seize villages and castles, form false alliances and enlist the force of an army of brutal, rogue bandits with neither leader nor cause. Culminating in an epic battle, they plan not only to stop the wedding but to eliminate the Prince’s enemies once and for all.

… But their powerful adversaries will not go down without a fight.

“The Inconvenient Bride” was first published in French under the title “La Dame d’Albi” in 2015. It was then the first novel published by Thierry Bontoux although being the third in English.

What international readers said about the book:

★★★★★ – Era – I was not bored for a second while reading this book. It is an interesting and historical Novel. L.

★★★★★ – Wonderful Novel!!! – I thought this novel was great, very well written with twists and lots of action. This is a novel that I really enjoyed. It is captivating, you literally enter the middle ages and live the story!!! I loved it!!! Congratulations to the author !!!!! B.J.

★★★★★ – Excellent medieval adventure book – I am particularly fond of adventure and fantasy books that transport me to a medieval world and I loved this book. I read it in one weekend where I was completely immersed in the middle ages. Anonymous

★★★★★ – The Inconvenient Bride – Very pleasant and engaging book to read, it is hard to stop.
A little surprising in the reading when the “Bride” speaks in the first person singular (I this, I that) but one gets used to it quickly. To be read without moderation. G.C.

★★★★★ – Very good story – a book, a wonderful story, never the slightest boredom, a real page turner. Bravos, I loved it. Anonymous


Very good story

a book a fantastic story, never the slightest lassitude, you always want to know the rest bravo, I loved it.


The Inconvenient Bride, a master asset.

I hadn’t read many historical novels until then. This one captivated me from beginning to end. It is a beautiful discovery.


Must read

I absolutely enjoyed it. A complete immersion in the Middle Ages. To be read by all lovers of historical Novel


The Inconvenient Bride

read in a few hours, we would like a sequel or a novel of the same kind.
I somewhat dislike the story about Joan of Arc. Where is the truth? I prefer the official version.


Good, but…

When I started this book, the narrator explains that Joan of Arc is a hoax, that it is in fact Joan of Bourbon and that in the end another one will be burned. The purpose of this scenario was to give Charles VII back the crown. This assertion, at odds with the historians’ version, annoyed me.
Similarly, the vocabulary is too modern and becomes anachronistic.
I closed the book, and did not return to it until a few weeks later.

The Hundred Years’ War is over, and the dissolved armies have partly returned home. The rest were formed into dreaded armed bands: the truck drivers and skinners who terrorized the populations.
Charles VII and his son Louis, the Dauphin, are at war. The latter wants to base his power on Albi.
It is by means of these seasoned men that Louis’s followers develop their strategy, without any hesitation…
It is all this strategy and its implementation that we are following.
The men are practically the only protagonists of this book.
The Inconvenient bride appears only in chapter 15, and again in a very secondary role. She quickly gives way to soldiers and battles. On the other hand, we understand that she is the narrator.
She only has a real role in chapter 40 (the book contains 45). So she makes herself wait for.


The Inconvenient Bride

Great book, very absorbing, but we are looking forward to the rest.
What happened to this inconvenient bride?
Where’s the sequel?


The Inconvenient Bride

I enjoyed the story and the intrigue with characters that you don’t lose along the way, easy to follow, the style is pleasant to read with a modern vocabulary.
I will quickly dive a few centuries into your second book.



Good, despite a not very nice contact with the author via Facebook.

Jean-Pierre ROBERT

Very Good Book

A friend had recommended this historical novel to me. In spite of my reluctance, I started reading it and from the very first pages, I was taken by the story. I didn’t give up reading until very late at night.
Reading resumed very quickly the next day!
In summary, very good book, well documented .
I recommend it!


The Inconvenient Bride

Diving into the Middle Ages, this novel where the plot mixes both battle and human history is worth every movie with special effects!


Beautiful bloodletting

It dies in turns without bothering, that’s the lot of the time, the solutions are radical. After a few thousand deaths, love triumphs, all’s well that ends well. This is not the history of France taught at school, although Louis XI didn’t have a very good reputation with his little cages, it was just a detail. A novel led drum beating, action after action, no time to get bored, better than our current films despite their special effects which make us feel so jaded when abused. Virile and warlike, this book should not please our ladies despite the title that evokes something else than this royal machination. Long live the King!


Wonderful novel !!! This Inconvenient Bride!

I think it’s a great novel, very well written with action twists. It’s a novel that I really liked. It is captivating you literally enter the Middle Ages and live the story !!! I loved it !!! Congratulations to the author !!!!!


Excellent medieval adventure novel.

I am particularly fond of adventure and fantasy novels that transport me to a medieval universe and I loved this book. I read it in a weekend during which I was completely immersed in the middle ages.


The Inconvenient Bride

I am on the 3rd reading of this fascinating novel. I devoured it the first time, the second time I enjoyed it even more and the 3rd (probably not the last), I read it very slowly.
This book is both a life story about the Middle Ages and a great novel. The Inconvenient Bride tells without judgment her life and that of her contemporaries.
I can’t wait to have a sequel.
what do you think about doing it?


The Inconvenient Bride

A very pleasant book, fascinating to read, it’s hard to stop.
A little surprising in the reading when the “bride” speaks in the first person singular (I this, I that) but you get used to it quickly.
To be read without moderation.

Gérard Cavelot


I enjoyed every second reading this book.
I like that there’s an interesting and historical storyline.


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401 pages
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401 pages
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