Unforgiven in Massilia

Now available in the US – Unforgiven in Massilia is a detective novel about a violent conspiration and vendetta set in Rome and Massilia at the end of the 1st century AD.

For fans of historical fiction and adventure novels.

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About Unforgiven in Massilia

In 70 A.D. assassins wash-up one after the other to kill in Rome the Emperor. Everything points towards Massilia and a new Batave revolt.


Vespasian has pacified Rome. The streets of the capital are calm, and Titus’ victories in Judea have reassured every citizen about the strength of the Empire. The streets of Rome are as peaceful and serene as they were during the reign of the Augustus. The Pax Romana is back across the Empire.

However, Lucius Apex lives a different reality. In his world, peace and stability are at stake. Attempts against the life of the Emperor are numerous. Assassins rush to Rome like waves washing ashore that nothing can restrain. They are fanatics, well trained soldiers of the former Batavian army recently crushed by Vespasian.

Lucius Apex battles to protect the Emperor while trying to catch a few of them alive to make them talk. But they prefer to die rather than giving away their accomplices and leaders. However, all the evidences point to a new Batavian insurrection organised from Massilia.

But are appearances always as they seem in Rome?

Unforgiven in Massilia is the second volume of the Lucius Apex series. It is preceded by The Riddle of a Murdered Slave and followed by Bad Blood Beyond the Grave. Although chronologically linked, each book can, however, be read independently.

The Lucius Apex series delves into the daily life of the Romans to give substance to investigations, with in the background murders and conspiracies against the Emperor Vespasian.

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Having read with pleasure * The Riddle of a Murdered Slave *, I wanted to read *Massilia* that follows it and I was not disappointed! And now I hope for a sequel !!!

Monique Charpentier

Excellent historical thriller

I first read “the Riddle” with great pleasure. Massilia is just as entertaining. the action being under the reign of Vespasian and the author obviously competent in Roman history, the whole thing is well done. enjoy reading!


Particularly interesting for life under the Roman Empire

The author takes us through a well-crafted historical novel with an interesting plot that allows him to describe the life of the Romans at that time. We are looking forward to reading the 2nd volume


Massilia by Thierry Bontoux

Superbly described.we are 2000 years back in an exciting investigation.I loved the first 2.I can’t wait for the fourth one which will probably be just as exciting.

Angelini Roland

Investigations under Vespasian

This book is the continuation of the Conspiracy of Marcus Primus.
It is as good as the previous one.
It combines an accurate and extremely documented description of Roman society under the Flavians, real police investigations and characters painted without mawkishness and with the characteristics of the Romans of that time.
For those with little knowledge of this period, extremely detailed notes help to understand the terms used.
A superb book whose end makes us wait for such an exciting sequel.



I enjoyed this book. Bontoux is an excellent author, and his meticulous details transport us to the era he relates, whether it is Caesar or the Inconvenient Bride.


An authentic journey through time

If you like History with a predilection for the Roman Empire you will not be able to ignore The Riddle of a Dead Slave, then its sequel Massilia by Thierry Bontoux.
The Author is first of all an efficient novelist with an excellent style but moreover the intrigues to which he gives life develop in a rigorously historical context of daily life.
If its Characters do not express themselves in Latin (fortunately for the reader!), they reveal us with precision the social organization, the manners, the mode of clothing, the habitat, the food often with the words of the time…
We thus feel like contemporaries of the characters.
A clear lexicon, remarkably documented is available to the reader and shows the author’s will to provide us with the essence of a bygone era….

Eric Bertier

Journey into another time

The reading is pleasant, the meticulousness of the reconstitution of the period hits the nail on the head. An entertaining and enriching reading, the final notes are very useful.


Life in Rome under Vespasian

This book, like the previous ones, is built around a rather simple enigma. It plunges us into the daily life of the inhabitants of Rome or Massilia. We live in ancient Rome for a few days!





Excellent Historical Detective Thriller

I liked very much this historical detective novel, where we find back the characters of the Marcus Antonius Primus Conspiracy by the same author. Like the previous one, it is set in ancient Rome under Vespasian, which is rare for a detective book. The period is particularly well described with many very interesting notes and it is a pleasure to walk with the heroes through the Eternal City and of course Massilia. Once again, it is a rhythmical, efficient, very well documented police officer who makes us discover a daily and realistic life that we know little about, even when we love this period of history as much as I do.



Excellent to read absolutely


A Novel as exciting as the previous ones

This book is a real pleasure to read. We can’t wait to go all the way. As always, the author transports us into a fascinating and well-documented universe, not to mention the adventure and intrigue that keeps us on the edge of our seats.
I’m waiting for the next one


The Marseille of the past

Very well documented and well written. It is a real pleasure to read it. Sometimes the vocabulary used seems current, but it is an interpretation of the vocabulary of the time, which meant the same thing but untranslatable. And the fact that the events take place in totally different places is a plus.

Bernard Sales

Learning while having fun

The sequel to “Marcus’ Conspiracy…” can be read with undisguised pleasure and impatience while “revising” Roman history. We look forward to the follow up with impatience


A talent for storytelling and a wonderful erudition

This novel, a little fragile as for the plot, plunges us into a raw Ancient Rome, where Sulpicius and Lucius, heroes of the previous novel, thwart the assassination attempts against Caesar, Vespasian here. Beautiful feather, some digressions sometimes long, but we become attached to the characters, even if they are violent and cruel, as we were at that time. A beautiful reading

David Gilles




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331 pages
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331 pages
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