Paperback version of the historical adventure and fiction novel the Devil's Pit written by Thierry Bontoux

The Devil’s Pit

In 1327, the Christian world is in the grip of doubt and heresy devours the papacy of Avignon.
A Moorish assassin is tasked by the Church to restore the Faith in the mountain, leading her ahead of the darkest aspects of mankind.

Paperback version of the historical novel The Inconvenient Bride by Thierry Bontoux - fiction, adventure

The Inconvenient Bride

In 1457, a wedding could alienate the heir to the French throne. A murder could save him.

On a mission to protect the birthright of the Prince in exile, the future king Louis the XIth, Etienne and his men are tasked with stopping a wedding that will reduce their master’s power indefinitely … and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.