The Devil’s Pit

Coming soon in English – Available only in French at the moment

2020 | historical thriller in two volumes | 309 pages – 330 pages


In 1327, the popes fled Rome to escape the power of the Holy Empire and the violence of Italian politics.

Pope John XXII has settled for ten years in Avignon, on the lands of the Church and under the protection of the King of France. The cathars saw their last priest burn in the square of Villerouge-Termenès. Heresy was defeated, but attention shifted to the east, where Louis of Bavaria claimed to be overlord of the Catholic Church.

Sounds of witchcraft and paganism in the Vaucluse massif could well cost the old pope the throne. There is no doubt that the Duke of Bavaria had something to do with it, but the Church cannot act openly. A Moorish woman and a priest are tasked with investigating to restore orthodoxy.

An adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat

I really liked the intrigue in this novel, the complicity of the characters, their story and their nature. Good historical immersion.

Céline T sur Kobo

I love it

Even better than the previous ones. I’ve waited two years for this new novel and I’m devouring it. The descriptions of Vaucluse Mountain remind me of my childhood.


The Devil’s Pit

I never get tired of it. The 2 volumes of this last novel which is at the same time historical, detective and adventure book. As in the previous novels of Mr Bontoux, we are transported in the places and we live with the characters and we learn so much in the process. Like many others I hope that a new book is in preparation.

Roland Angelini

Plot in the middle age

As always Thierry Bontoux has written a fascinating, well-documented book.
Most of the characters are plausible but I had a little difficulty to accept the role given to the young woman.
It is hard to believe that the papal inquisition would use a woman, a Moorish one at that, to fight against heretics in the macho, xenophobic and gullible medieval world.


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