The Riddle of a Murdered Slave

I have finally received the proofread and edited copy of my first novel to be published in English. This is the translation of the first of a series that depict the investigations of Lucius Apex in 69 A.D. “The Riddle of a Murdered Slave” was originally published in French, back in 2016, and received good critics – It rates 4.5 stars on Amazon based on 50 ratings.

This was not my first novel, but the first of a series that I particularly like and whose last title is well under way to be completed in French. Therefore, I hope to have the whole series translated and published in English across 2021. I shall then continue to translate the other books I have written in French so to have them all in English, hopefully by 2022.

Here are a couple of comments that I hope will give you the desire to read The Riddle of a Murdered Slave:

Political Plot in Ancient Rome


A very interesting book. The author knows ancient Rome well and gives an accurate and uncompromising description of it. His description is based on solid historical knowledge and the plot is of good level and plausible. The characters are credible and endearing.
For me this book is on the same level as those of Steven Saylor or Cristina Rodriguez. An additional advantage for the reader is the extremely reasonable selling price of the book.
But this is not the main argument. This book deserves to be read by amateurs of historical thrillers because it is simply a good book.


An intrigue, not rather plots, in the time of Vespasian.


I took this book as I am a lover of historical novels, especially about the Roman period. I took it on vacation not thinking I would have time in a week to read everything, wanting to do something else as well. Well, I think I read it in three days, because I “had to” do something else in those moments of interruption. I would only like one thing “a sequel” because it deserves it.

Concerning the plot I find that one feels immersed, without being drowned in details. In the past I have visited Ostia Antica, not far from Rome, and I have imagined the protagonists in those places I visited.

The plot is fascinating, with twists and surprises. If it is only a hobby for the author to write this kind of book, I wish him all the free time he can to write more.

I highly recommend it!


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